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Market House, Market Hill
Rothwell, Northamptonshire
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The ridge on which present day Rothwell stands, overlooking the gentle Ise Valley, has witnessed the comings and goings of successive generations. By the Middle Ages, Rothwell or "Rowell" as it is known locally, was already a town of importance, dominating the then lesser settlement of Kettering (a state of affairs which persisted until the arrival of the railway at the latter). A charter, granted by King John in AD 1204 permitting a weekly market and annual fair, confirmed the trade. Both market and fair, called "Rowell Fair", takes place on Market Hill during the week following Trinity Sunday. The Fair is a very festive occasion with stalls and entertainment attracting visitors from far and wide. Early risers can hear the traditional Proclamation read by the Town's Bailiff at 6.00am outside the Parish Church on Trinity Monday.

Today, Rothwell is a bustling town of character with some 7,500 inhabitants. There are many active societies and clubs, a community centre and public library. Concerts are held from time to time in Holy Trinity Church, when audiences are entertained by a variety of musical talents and the church's renowned acoustics come into their own.

Latest News

Community First Responders - Quiz Night

Community First Responders - Quiz Night

Community First Responders - Quiz Night

Sunday 15th May 18:00 - 22:00 at Rothwell Conservative Club

Please come along to support fundraising for much needed additional defibrillator resource in Rothwell

Posted: Tue, 10 May 2022 12:26 by Town Clerk

Rothwell Community Awards

Rothwell Community Awards

Rothwell Community Awards - 2022

Rothwell Town Council are really excited to release the nomination form for 8 fantastic Community Awards to celebrate the exceptional contribution made by so many volunteers. These people really do make such a big difference to the quality of life in Rothwell and they should be recognised for that!!

All nominations must be received by 5pm on Friday 20th May 2022 and those successful will be presented with awards at the Jubilee event, Manor Park on Sunday 5th June 2022 More »

Please email completed forms to: » Less

Posted: Mon, 25 Apr 2022 11:25 by Town Clerk

Stagecoach - Changes to Fares & Ticketing

Stagecoach - Changes to Fares & Ticketing

From the 24th April Stagecoach will be introducing a number of changes to fares and ticketing around Kettering and Corby.

A lot has changed since we last introduced a comprehensive review of our fares and tickets in 2019. The pandemic has changed travel patterns and we have seen the government launch their National Bus Strategy: Bus Back Better. This strategy called for the industry and operators to respond to the strategy with simpler and easier to use ticketing. We were excited to work with North Northamptonshire Council on developing their Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIP) and have been working to prepare for the delivery of these through Enhanced Partnerships and we continue to expect these to be formally made. More »

Whilst it is hugely disappointing to us and our colleagues in the local authorities that government has not allocated any funding to support our BSIP proposals and the numerous initiatives within them, we will continue working to make changes to our services and tickets following the principles in Bus Back Better which we know will make a difference to customers and make travelling by bus easier and simpler.

To that end, the work we have been doing during the pandemic to help shape our response as we look to support our communities recovery has not gone to waste. We have taken the opportunity during the pandemic to reflect on customer feedback and what further simplification we can make to our ticket products and fares to help make travelling by bus easier, as well as continue to prepare for evolution of 'pay as you go' ticketing that we are working on delivering to our customers.

Of course the pandemic has not only had an impact on our passenger levels, which are still recovering and broadly in the range of 75% of their pre-covid volumes. But the cost of delivering services has also been increasing as we have seen the impact of the high inflation pressures being seen across the economy apply in our cost base.

The changes that we are making, which I set out the detail of below, are designed to make it simpler for our customers to know what fare is best for them and is easier to find, addressing one of the key barriers customers face when planning their travel – what will it cost me and how can I be assured that is the best ticket for me? We are delighted that for many customers this will see costs decrease or stay the same, but there will be customers who will see increases to their fares. We know that any increases in costs are unwelcome, particularly when there are wider pressures on household budgets but as emergency support for the industry is coming to an end during 2022 it is essential that we act to ensure that our services can be sustainable as we arrive at that point.

Below are the important details about how we are changing our fares:


The highlight of the fares review is a change in the zones around Kettering & Corby. Currently we have 3 zones people can travel in. Kettering (, Corby ( and KC ( The latter covers the Kettering zone and Corby zone allowing travel between the two.

This fares change will see the 3 zones replaced with a single Kettering & Corby (KC) zone. And the best bit, we're reducing the price of the KC making a daily ticket 45% cheaper, 7 day ticket 34% cheaper and 28 day ticket 32% cheaper.

We are also adding Mawsley to the zone meaning customers will save up to 52% on their travel.

Singles & Returns

There are currently 44 different adult single fares in Kettering and Corby (plus 40 young person fares), and an equal number of different return fare values.

This will be reduced to six adult single fares and six young person single fares, with travel available for a single journey starting from £2 (adult). We believe this simplified approach will be helpful to customers and enable us to attract people to use the bus with a clearer price message.

Return tickets will be removed, with customers making multiple trips able to achieve better value for money through our day ticket offering or for a small number of journeys two single fares.


There will be one dayrider which covers the whole of Kettering & Corby. This falls from £7.70 currently to £4.20 (45% reduction). This is the same price as the current Kettering DayRider, which means those just travelling in Kettering will see no increase in cost, but will be able to travel further on the same ticket. The current Corby DayRider will be withdrawn but customers in Corby will have much greater access to a wider network for a much better price

The DayRider Gold which provides travel outside of this zone and across all of our services has been frozen. This ticket is frequently used by customers travelling to Peterborough, Wellingborough, Northampton and beyond.


These tickets provide 7 or 28 days of travel and are often purchased by commuters and regular travellers travelling 5 days a week or more. A Kettering & Corby 7 day ticket will be priced at £15.90 and 28 day £60.40.

The MegaRider Gold will be priced at £36.40 for 7 days travel or £138.30 for 28 days.

Group Travel

We are simplifying the definition of a group. Currently this is defined as 2 adults and up to 3 children or 3 adults. We recognise that this has caused confusion and uncertainty so moving forward this will simply become any 5 people. As I'm sure you appreciate this is a much easier message for people to understand, and we anticipate will make it easier for families and friends to make use of our services particularly when they are travelling for leisure and this will help to make the bus a more attractive and easier choice. » Less

Posted: Tue, 19 Apr 2022 12:16 by Town Clerk