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Clerk: Mrs Philippa Page
Market House, Market Hill
Rothwell, Northamptonshire
NN14 6BW

Tel: 01536 713252

Important Notice

A service is being run by volunteers in Rothwell for essential supplies only, for those who are unable to leave their homes.

The volunteers are providing a free delivery service in Rothwell, once a week delivered to you with receipt and take cash payment.

All volunteers will have safe hand cleaning and handling facilities and will carry and ID phone number.

To use this service please ring:

07889 841015 (Karl Sumpter) or 07757 103084 (Ray Davis) to discuss arrangements.

Until further notice all Town Council Meetings have been postponed.

Latest News

Press Release - Calling All Pop-Up Samaritans and Community Groups In the Fight Against Covid-19

   	Press Release - Calling All Pop-Up Samaritans and Community Groups In the Fight Against Covid-19

Please find enclosed press release from the Emergency Planning Officer (EPO) on behalf of the Local Resilience Forum (LRF).

We are aware that there are many groups and individuals that are volunteering to help neighbours and vulnerable people in their communities during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The attached information explains how you can help and register your group, or as an individual to support this coordinated effort through this Resilience Cell. More »

Any group / individual will be asked to register, the LRF will then know you are available to provide help, the second part will be for those that need help to register.
The cell with also provide help and guidance to the volunteers, and be able to call upon the appropriate agencies where needed.

NHW members can register through another group, (if their scheme is not registered with the LRF cell) i.e. local Parish/Community Council or another existing group.

A website with on line form to sign up to volunteer set up as well as a volunteer registration line 0300 126 1000 (option 5)

We are also aware of many potential scams both online and door to door, remember if you do not know the caller do not open the door, do not give personal/bank information to any caller.

You can contact the police in one of the following ways

Telephone: 999 in an emergency, for non-urgent matters you can call 101.

To avoid waiting on the telephone, we recommend making use of the online system, it's quick and easy, and has lots of useful advice which may answer your query, you can report online in the following ways:

Crimes and Incidents: - click the report button .
Give Information:

If you want to find your local NHW scheme, go to

If there is no scheme near you and you would like to find out more reply to this Alert below

Stay Safe


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Message Sent By
Alan Earle (NHWN, County Chairman , Northants NHW)

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Posted: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 13:00 by Town Clerk

Covid-19 - Statement from Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police

Covid-19 - Statement from Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police

Please see a statement below from the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police on Covid-19:

Chief Constable Nick Adderley, said: "We are all aware we are now living in unprecedented times and, from today, every one of us is being asked to step up and play a crucial role in the battle against Covid-19. All that is requested of you is that you follow Government advice - stay at home, save lives and protect our NHS. More »

"I fully expect the communities we serve across Northamptonshire will want to comply with the restrictions being put in place, indeed many were already doing so before the Prime Minister's statement to the nation last night.

"Northamptonshire Police will continue to work closely with you and to ensure people know what is expected of them and to encourage you through these coming days and weeks.

"However, where people are failing to adhere to the advice, we will use enforcement powers once we understand fully the legislation being made available to us. It will be used as a last resort, but a necessary one if required.

"Northamptonshire Police are well prepared for this, with plans in place to ensure all emergency calls are responded to while we will maintain our presence in neighbourhoods, keeping officers visible in communities as much as possible.

"We can beat this, but everyone needs to play their part. Please listen to your local police officers who are working day and night to keep you safe, your families safe, and in support of our NHS."

Message Sent By
Kelly Noble (Police, Social Media Engagement Officer, Corporate Communications, Countywide)

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Posted: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 12:30 by Town Clerk

Northants Police Urge the Public To Report Online Where They Can

Northants Police Urge the Public To Report Online Where They Can

As concerns over Covid-19 increase, members of the public are reminded of the need to only use the 999 or 101 service where it is absolutely necessary, and to otherwise use the online reporting systems in place.

While the Force continues to deal with Covid-19 and understand the detail of the Prime Ministers announcement, the force is urging people to head online to report non-emergency incidents and crimes. More »

If the 101 call isn't urgent, people should use the online forms available at

The public can help reduce wait times by going digital, and thereby free up 999 and 101 for people who really need to speak to the police.

Superintendent Ash Tuckley, who heads the control room, said: "During these unprecedented times, we know that people are worried and they may feel they need to call the police. However we are reminding people that not all calls are emergencies and not all of these require an immediate police response.

"Inevitably what happens is that the queue builds up because everyone is trying to call one central call centre. This can lead to long wait times.

"Last year – 2018/19 – control room operators answered 280,531 calls to the 101 number, averaging 1,178 calls a day, of which 320 were 999 calls. By comparison, on average only 167 crimes were recorded a day.

"The majority of people are already making sacrifices to save lives and we urge everyone in Northamptonshire to follow the advice and help keep us all safe."

The guidance from the Government on the new measures, and what they mean to you, can be found here:


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Posted: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 11:45 by Town Clerk