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Neighbourhood Plan - Rothwell needs you.....

Neighbourhood Plan - Rothwell needs you.....

Join us in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans can help to shape development in the Town. They can determine what sort of housing takes place, where it is built and what important open spaces are protected from development. They can also affect decisions about community facilities, employment and transport issues.

Through Neighbourhood Plans, planning decisions as they affect the Town will be taken based on planning policies which reflect local need rather than District-wide priorities.

Rothwell Town Council has taken the decision to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan but cannot do it on its own and needs to enlist support from residents to make sure that the Neighbourhood Plan is truly representative of the community.

We are looking for a small number of volunteers to join Town Councillors in driving the process forward.

This will involve becoming a member of an Advisory Committee of the Town Council to oversee the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. We are not looking for any specialist knowledge, just an interest in your community and a desire to make things better for the future.

The Town Council has appointed Neighbourhood Plan specialists YourLocale to guide us through the process and to undertake the technical aspects of the work. They will help us to translate our vision and aspirations into meaningful planning policies that will give us a real say over the future of our Town.

Meetings will take place for up to a couple of hours every 4-6 weeks for the next 9 months or so. There may be occasional activities outside of these more formal meetings but people who have taken part in other Neighbourhood Plans find the work can be enjoyable and very rewarding.

Please join us in shaping the future of Rothwell and making a real difference to your community. Please contact the Town Clerk by email:

Posted: Mon, 24 May 2021 18:09 by Town Clerk

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